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Check my Proxy IP anonymity/transparency

There are several times when you think that your IP address is correctly hidden but then your proxy server is not working like expected. So we provide this free online tool to check if your proxy IP address is really anonymous and transparent or not. Sometimes you could misconfigured your proxy settings and you could be exposing your real IP!

With this tool you are going to easily know if all of the web servers of the Internet are viewing and probably saving your IP address compromising your anonimity in the web or not. If you are successfully using a proxy server then all your TCP connection are through your server and the IP that is exposed it from your proxy server, not yours.

Check if the next IP is from your proxy or from you

Be sure that the next IP address is not your real IP address! It must to be your Proxy IP, if not, you're exposed.

That is the IP address that everybody (every webmaster of each site) could know when you visit a web site, another not so important detail is the port from wich you are connecting. Sometimes it could be interesting to know not only your address, also your TCP port number. For example, with this port information you could know if you are using persistent TCP connections or not. If consecutive reloads of this online tool shows you the same port, then you are using persistent connection and probably optimizing your TCP throughput.


If you passed this check, there are one more checker that it's very important to do, your IP could be exposed inside the HTTP headers that your browser sends in each TCP request. Using our proxy headers checker is the last step to be sure that you're safe and anonymous behind your transparent and elite proxy server.

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