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On the banner above you can buy a PRO VPN account with thousands of IP addresses for less than $7 per month in less than 2 minutes or continue reading our proxy buy guide to know more about the best shared or private proxies.

Buy proxies

Buy proxies is like any other online service purchase, is better to know what are the best proxies to buy and invest your money. We have a long experience with proxy and VPN providers and some of them are recommendable and others not. You should know if you want to buy private proxy, cheap shared proxies, socks, socks5 proxy or a VPN account. All of them are better for different requirements. We buy private proxies or a proxy server at some of the best providers on the net and we have very good results and services, we also have a VPN account that is much better than shared proxy servers and has an incredible cost (more on why we choose to buy a VPN account at the end of this page).

An important point is that when you buy proxies you should evaluate if you really want to purchase private proxy servers, a shared proxy or a VPN, virtual private network with several IP addresses from different countries.

Proxy buy

The idea of this proxy buy guide is let you buy any type of proxy server, like http or socks 5, without the need of loosing a lot of time searching in internet for reviews and opinions of different private proxies, shared proxy providers, VPN services and all that. We read several proxy buy articles and most of them doesn't help much, now we know some of the best shared and private proxies and VPN accounts providers and we're going to briefly describe a couple of them here.

Buying shared and private proxies

We selected two of the best private proxy servers and shared proxies providers to show you. One of them is from My Private Proxy and you can buy proxies with them at that link or just see your plans, what do they provide and the cost.
The other proxy to buy is from Squid Proxies, one of the providers with more years in the market. They also have shared and private servers, again you can proxy buy what they offer from that link, inspect wich plan is better for you and purchase it if you want.

Buy VPN account (our choice)

So, in fact, we choose to buy this VPN account instead to buy proxies, private or shared ones. Why? Because with this virtual private network account we have thousand of different IP addresses from US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and so on, all the big countries in the world, several locations in each country, fully encrypted, no limits, other details that you can read at their site and last but not less important, the price, all this for less than $10 per month. You can purchase this VPN using the promo of the next banner and you have a complete month of 100% money back guarantee, if you're not satisfied with the service they return you the money.

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