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Free proxy checker API or proxy list API that allows you to check any number of proxy server IP address and port to know if they are open, speed, response time, proxy type and country. There's no other service like this on the web, no one provides all this accurate information for each proxy IP.

This proxy tool is 100% free but please don't abuse, try to don't do several requests per second with our proxy checker.
It can be used like a proxy list API, to let you check unlimited proxy servers to build a list ordered by their speed, response time or to select only the fresh proxy servers.

Documentation - How to use this proxy API?

You can check a proxy IP address and port with a simple HTTP POST request to the API URL with 'ip' and 'port' parameters:

POST without bandwidth measurement(fast response): ip=
POST with bandwidth measurement: ip=
Update: We added proxy type and country information for each response, we also improve the bandwidth measurement.
Of course, replace and 1111 with the proxy IP address and port that you want to check.

And that's it, you're going to find very easy libraries in any programming language to do the HTTP POST request and you can do as many requests as you want to check proxy list. From PHP, Python, Java, Ruby to Javascript developing for example a simple web application to check proxies like the one in our homepage using AJAX.

Documentation - API response format

The response is going to be:


Where response_time and speed are float and speed is in B/s. Type is: 1 = transparent | 2 = anonymous | 3 = high anonymous.

Documentation - Usage examples



We provide this service for free 24/7, please add the next small image at your website if you're happy with our API.

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