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To check proxy list

You can build a fresh proxy IP list with our online proxy checker that allows you to do automatic checks from a proxy IP and port server list easily. You don't need to install nothing in your PC, you don't need to buy any server nor nothing. Just write or copy and paste a proxy IP list to check and our system is going to automatically verify if every IP:port is an alive or open proxy server to immediatelly show you the results.

At the moment we are not going to impose any limitations in our free IP checker so you can use it for as many proxies as you want. We expect a good use of our tool without abuses to be able to maintain our 100% free and online proxy checker service.

How this proxy checker works?

We use the newest technologies to provide you the best service that you can find nowadays on the Internet. Our online proxy checker tool is developed using AJAX and web services to provide an incredible fast AJAX proxy checker. The check process is parallel and distributed so we verify a lot of proxies at the same time, not one after another, all at the same time.

Get IP checker results

Next are results from our proxy IP checker with several kinds of servers. The very fast and fresh ones always are going to be in this homepage but that lists have very good alive IP addresses too.

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Latest open proxy servers, fast, checked and alive! Fresh proxies IP address and port continuously updated!

  • : 8080 up
  • : 5678
  • : 5678
  • : 3629
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  • Very fast, private quality proxy server
  • Fast proxy server
  • Average IP response
  • Slow response time but alive proxy
  • Probably not alive nor open proxy IP:port
  • Bigger and bolder font size means high speed server, high bandwidth proxy address

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